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Prepare to be blown away by the ultra fast, extremely predictable opaque formulas designed with todays advanced freeriders and racers in mind.

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About Hawgs Wheels

We remember over 10 years ago... a time when there were only two companies making longboard wheels and skaters were forced to ride sub-par urethane. Hawgs was born because of this. We’re going to make a bold statement here, brace yourself...

Hawgs are the best wheels for your board. Shocking perhaps, but here is why.

It’s simple. We engineer the shit out of our wheels before they hit the shelves. This involves world class team riders working with our experienced engineer: tweaking profile shapes, adjusting lip angles, testing different duro/hub combos, fine tuning contact patch ratios and on and on and on.

It's a lengthy process that our team embraces. Kyle Martin, Billy Bones, Adam Yates, Nick Breton, Pat Schep, Graham Collingwood, Charlie Darragh... for these guys, it’s a dream come true to be involved in the wheel design process. They are the designers, testers and nitpickers behind Hawgs. They skate harder and burn more urethane then anyone out there and if a wheel is good enough for them it’ll definitely blow you out of the water.

Adam Yates

Billy Bones Meiners

Charlie Darragh

Graham Collingwood

Kyle Martin

Nick Breton

Pat Shep

Additional Team Members:

Dillon Stephens
Justen Ortiz
Travis Craig
Katie Neilson
Kyle Wein
Elena Corrigall
Riley Harris
Phillip Lemire
Wolfgang Coleman
Matthew “Grizz” Kroetsch
Dejaune Jones
Johnathan (Chan) Rivera
Andrew Chapman
Graham Hystad
Mike Mcgoldrick
Dave Rudgers
Tom Edstrand
Alex Hannigan
Jody Wilcox
Bricin “Striker” Lyons
Maximilian Grandlmiller
Nick Hurley
Leon Ritter
Maga McWhinnie
Stephen Vaughn
Hugh Johnston
Quinn Dubois
Jack Craddock
Mackenzie Yoshida
Josh Wright
Max Wipperman
Zen Shikaze
Brian Elderkin
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